WTS-2000 Top Feed Series

Belt Filter Presses

A belt filter press is ideal for dewatering sludge. DCIT´s range of belt presses includes equipment which is suitable for the dewatering of sludge from DAF´s (dissolved air flotation units), clarifiers, activated sludge and sedimentation processes. A volume reduction of up to 97% can be achieved.

DCIT belt presses are manufactured in stainless steel and carbon steel. Depends on clients application enviroment and their requirement. The belt press range includes three models with varying drainage lengths and roller configuration.

Application Industry:  Organic Waste Management

Model:WTS-2000 Top Feed Series

Belt Width:2000mm

Belt Speed: 1.0~4.0m/min

Filter cake Moisture Content :60%~65%

Wash Pressure ≥0.5Mpa

Solid Among Liquid:8~15%

Working Pressure:0.4Mpa

Capacity: 40~50m3/hr


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