WTS-1000 Compact Series

Belt Filter Press are an effective way to remove liquid from solids.Depending on the nature of the slurry. DCIT belt press can remove more water from solids than other belt press can.WTS-1000 compact series belt press can be carried on a mobile lorry for easy and convenient application testing work. It’s light in weight and energy saving. It is the ideal equipment for waste water treatment projects.

WTS-1000 Compact Series Technical Data

Application:Iron Hydroxide

Belt Width: 1000mm

Capacity:1000~2000 Lt/Hr

Filter cake moisture level:16~20% W/W

Solid Percentage of slurry: 2% W/W

Belt Speed:2~6m/min

Water Pressure: ≥0.5Mpa

Operature Pressure:≥0.4Mpa

Concentration Incoming:≥3%

Concentration Outgoing:25~35%

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