Polyacrylamidethe abbreviation form “PAM”; is  widely used as an industrial coagulant and flocculent in different industries. It is high molecular polymer, the formula weight between 800~25 million. The appearance is white or slight yellow powder, the liquid state is colorless and thick colloid, water-soluble,  it is hardly soluble in organic solvent Decomposing when the temperature surpasses 120~150 . It is non-dangerous goods, non-toxic, non-corrosiveness.


1. Industrial waste processing, specially for suspended particle, thick and high density positive charge, the PH value is neutral or alkalinity sewage like iron and steel plant waste water, galvanization factory waste water, metallurgy waste water, coal washing waste water.

2. Drinking water treatment. The effect is several times of inorganic flocculant.

3. Serves as outflow starch and vinasse recycling. Adding PAM will obtain great economic efficiency.

4. Blocking agent for oil field. Three times of using oil displacement agent.

5. Papermaking assistant for dispersing agent of long textile fiber papermaking, also as wet  

intensifier, filter aid and flocculant in papermaking waste water.


1. Positive ionnegative ionnonionic PAM , all can meet your requirements.

2. Good water solubility, complete dissolution will happen in cold water.

3. Cost effective flocculation result will be achieved when add little PAM. Normally

0.01~10ppm(0.01~10g/ m3) is enough.


1.       Clarification

2.       Settling

3.       Filtration

4.       Thickening; adhesion

 Application Method

1.       Take water without salt, mix PAM with water, density of aqueous solution between 0.05~0.3% is ok.

2.       When dissolved, put the PAM into water, stiring speed need to be under 100~300rpm. Proper heating(< 50 ) helps dissolving speed.

3.       Adjust the wastewater PH degree in order to play the complete role of PAM; or test the PH in lab so as to choose the best model and its dosage.

4.       Pls speed up mixing PAM with slurry or liquid which need to be handled, when flocullant occurred, pls slow down mixing, this will be good for flocullant increasing and sedimentation .


25kg/ bag.



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