Belt Conveyor


Technical Data of Belt Conveyor
1. Quantity of level conveyor =1 pcs, with independent drivers. Quantity of inclining conveyor=1 pcs,
    with independent drivers. The first end of the 22m incline conveyor is approx. 1 meter, the second
     end is 6 meters.
2.  Length of level conveyor: 13m,with its own control box.
3Length of inclining conveyor: 22m with its own control box.
4.  Effective width (belt width) of conveying surface: 1200 mm.
5.  Load weight ability for one meter belt: 1 ton
6.  Belt speed range: 48m/min~90m/min,with flexible adjust facilities.
7.  capacity:40-80tons/hr, can adjust flexibly.
8.   Height between the working surfaces of the conveyor to the ground: 760mm.
9.   Conveying surface belt is sidewall belt, material is rubber and EP, thickness, 8mm.
10. Height of sidewall is 300mm, wide of belt is 1200mm
11. Belt is support by roller of dia.89mm, installed on the profile, and the return belt is support by rollers
      of dia.89mm, material is carbon steel.
12. The driving and driven roller substance is carbon steel, finish machining, with skid-resisting particle
13Motor driving, 3.7KW for belt, adjusted by transducer, The base of the conveyor is installed with
       support. The substance of the support is 10# channel steel
14.  The substance of the protection profile is 12# channel steel
15.  Adjust speed by transducer.
16.  Control system include emergency stop.
List of main material
EP and rubber
W1200, with sidewall
Belt support
Roller, carbon steel
Dia. 89x1200
Driving and driven roller
carbon steel
Roller shaft
carbon steel
Protection profile
12# channel steel
10#channel steel
Power box
carbon steel
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